About Our Vintage T-Shirt Art

There comes a time in the life of every garment when it is no longer in good enough condition to be worn. For some T-shirts this is not the end of life however. Worn-out T-shirts, as well as other garments, can be cut into cleaning rags at textile recycling companies such as our sister company www.TexAmericaWipers.com. Occasionally the t-shirts to be cut still display beautiful print artwork in great condition. We sometimes find these gems before cutting and sometimes after. When we find especially beautiful and nostalgic artwork, we collect these, frame them and provide these to you as our Vintage T-Shirt Art. These nostalgic images can take the viewer back to another time in their lives and bring back those beautiful memories. Place these images anywhere – home, office, restaurant, bar, barndeminium, ranch house – anywhere they add to the atmosphere of the space.  We hope you will enjoy these images as much as we love finding these gems and bringing them to you. Give this beautiful art another life by allowing it to enhance yours!

Pricing for these items reflects the labor to find, prepare and frame these items as well as the rarity and quality of the prints themselves.

About T-shirt Rags

Recycled cleaning rags most commonly fall into five categories namely Color Knit, White Knit, Color Fleece, White Fleece and Flannels. Color and white knit products are principally composed of 100% cotton t-shirts. These recycled fabrics make great cleaning rags for home or business and have direct environmental benefits as well. Learn more about these products, how to order them, and more about the benefits of recycling by visiting our website www.TexAmericaWipers.com.